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From: Jack
Subject: Farmed Out Part 4The continuing adventures of a teenage boy with his grand father down on
the farm
This story is pure fantasy and is not meant to offend in anyway. If you
object to sex between men and boys please do not read this storyIf you have any comments please address them to I will be
posting the rest of the chapters and others stories on this site soon===================================================================Chapter 4I awoke to the typical farm sounds and realised that Granddad had let me
sleep in, I glanced at my clock and saw the time was 9.30am, I remembered
the activities from last night and wondered if my willingness in the sex
games had maybe meant that this was not going to be all hard work after
all.Getting out of bed, I didn't see a lot of point in getting dressed, so I
just grabbed my dressing gown and went downstairs.Granddad was outside working and so I grabbed a bowl and helped myself to
some cereal. As I sat down I noticed a note on the table, free pics lolita bathing it was from
Granddad and just said,"Hope you slept well, you were the best last night, plenty more to cum if
you want it!!"I smiled, of course I wanted it, last night had opened my eyes (and other
parts of me) and it just made me want more.I had always been into sex, watching porno's and playing with myself but
this was beyond even my wildest dreams.I finished my breakfast and did the washing up, after that I thought I
would go and see what my granddad was up to.I spotted him in the spare stables, the farm had two stables, both used to
be very busy, but now my granddad only had two horses left, one was getting
on in age and the other was a young foal he had purchased only a year ago,
both lived in one stable so the other stable was just an empty space now
and used for free nonude lolita pics storage.I walked in and he was just sweeping up"Morning gramps""Hi ya son, have a good sleep?""Yes thanks, don't know why but I was exhausted, must be the country air" I
smiled at him"How true, well models pay sites loli
aren't you going to come over and give your granddad a good
morning kiss then?"I wondered over to him like some love struck teenager and gave him a kiss
on the cheek"Is that all I'm getting"I smiled again and moved closer, this time kissing his lips and then
running my tongue over his lips, as I did I let my dressing gown sway open
so he could see I was naked underneath. Even giving him a simple kiss had
alerted my awakening cock. He saw this and was clearly impressed"Early riser down there as well are you?""Like I said, must be something in the air, what do you think?" With that
I opened the gown fully exposing my young teenage body for him pass his
judgement"oh defiantly, it's a wonderful site for an old man this early in the day,
want to entertain me while I finish up here?""Sure gramps, anything for you"I went and sat on a bale of hay and let my gown stay open so he could
admire his new young toy"That's a good boy, why don't you just sit there and tell me about what you
used to get up to when you where at home on your own, but don't touch your
cock at all, I want to see how excited you get just talking about it""Ok, sounds cool to me daddy"I opened my legs wide so he could get a good view and I started to talk
about what I got up to on my own."well I have always liked playing with myself, and for a while it was just,
you know wanking off thinking of teachers at school etc, then a mate let me
borrow a porn video. I loved watching the girls in it give blow jobs and
take wads of cum on their faces and I decided I would love to try that
sometime.So one day I got on the floor at home and watched the film and wanked my
cock in time with the guy in the film being sucked. Then as he was getting
ready to cum, I was getting more excited thinking of the girl about to take
his cum in her face, so I lifted my legs above my head and wanked harder, I
was getting really excited and wanted to taste my own spunk.I directed my cock over my mouth and started to tell myself how much I
wanted to drink my cum and then I shot my first load onto my face, and
managed to direct the second load into my mouth, I kept on cumming, and
loved the feeling of the warm sticky liquid on me, and I loved the taste
even more. Since then I always tried to eat my own cum"I knew this was turning him on, and even though he was trying to finish
sweeping I could see his cock starting to harden"from there I really started to get into it, I used to wank everywhere, and
one day while I was in the shower I fired a load of cum in the air and onto
my chest and when I tried to force another load out into my mouth I
suddenly started to pee and ending up shooting a load of hot piss in my
mouth instead""Really??, and you loved it I bet" he quizzed"Ohhh yes, it was so horny, that's why I didn't mind uncle jack pissing on
me yesterday""Once I realised how much fun that was I wanted to try more, so I used to
piss in a cup and pour it over my face, but it was never as nice as when it
first comes out""And what about your arse, you must have played with that before, I mean
you were tight last night but not that tight""ohhh so my secret is out then " I laughed, "yes ok, I saw some more films
and one had a girl who decided to stick a dildo up her boyfriends arse, it
turned me on straight away and I used to look for things I could try it
with, of course I never had a dildo so I used to use things like pens,
screwdriver handles and my fingers, but models pay sites loli my favourite by far was an empty
coke bottle, because it started small and just got bigger and bigger"My cock now had non nude lolitas pics
risen to full strength and was starting to get wet, I was
desperate to wank off now, and he seemed to like the fact that I couldn't"That's hot son, I wish I had you down here before, but I'm sure going to
make up for lost time now. So you like playing with your arse then?""Oh yesss daddy, and after last night I just want to do it all the time and
knowing that it turns you on as well is such a bonus""I bet you would love to play right now wouldn't you""Ohhh gramps yes, I am latvian nude photo lolita feeling so horny for it free pics lolita bathing right now, would you like to
play with me""Now, how can I turn such a horny fucker down ehh?, how about we see just
how much that sexy little arse of your will take?""Oh please gramps, I'm all yours""Ok son, why don't you bend over that bale of hay and lift your gown up and
let me see that tight sexy arsehole"I didn't need to be asked twice, turning around I pulled my dressing gown
over my back and offered my hungry arse to my granddad.He came over and told me to hold it open for him, I did as asked and felt
him spit on me, soon he was rubbing his saliva in and preparing my arse for
his fingers. He spat more and slowly inserted his finger in me, then two
before he spat some more and started to fuck my arse"Ohhh daddy yes, that's nice fuck my arse harder"He continued to wet my arse and finger me until I wanted more"Daddy please give me something bigger, I don't mind what, just anything to
fill my arse with""Ok son, I wonder ...nah, that's too much ....""What daddy, what is too much, I can take it I promise; I will try anything
for you""Hmmm ok, well what about non nude lolitas pics
this", I looked around and he was still holding
the broom he has been using to sweep up with. It was one of those
industrial brooms with a thick wooden handle."How much of this do you think we can fit up that dirty arse of yours then""Ohhh gramps, I would love to try, please give it to me""Ok, then turn around and lay on your back and hold your legs up, I want to
see how hard your cock gets as I shove this up your shitter"I was in position in no time at all eager to please not only my granddad
but also my aching arsehole.He spat again all over my arse and then the handle as he placed it at the
entrance to my arse and slowly inserted the broom inside me"Fuck yes gramps, that's nice, ohhh, it's fucking good"Spitting more to lube me, he started to push further, counting the inches
as he inserted more into his young grandsons butt"One......two.....three.....hmmmm you're loving it aren't
you?.....four...five...."I was going insane as he slowly filled my arse with more and more wood, he
got to 7 and it was really starting to hurt now, he realised this and then
started to fuck me back and forth with the broom. I must have been one hell
of site, lying on my back, legs in the air with a broomstick up my arse but
I didn't care, I was loving it."Ohhh shit yeah, it's fucking great in my arse, fuck me gramps, fuck me
harder, give me more and screw my arse."I could really feel the stick in me now and I just wanted more and more,
and being the good ole gramps he was he obliged."fuck son, I think you have got a good 10" in there now and you're still
begging for more""Goddddd gramps, yesssss, oh it feels great, I love you invading my arse
ohhh goddddd it's gonna make me cum""Hold on fuck boy, I have another idea, pull them legs up high, and get
them over your head"I wasn't really sure what he meant but I had an idea, "oh gramps yesssss,
but you'll have to help me""Oh sure son"With that he pulled the broom almost fully out and helped me to double up
so that my cock was now dangling over my head, I knew what he wanted to
see, and I knew I wanted him to see it."That's a good boy, now I'm going to fuck you again and then I am going to
watch you shoot your hot load all over your own face"He pulled my legs down and shoved the little lolita incest pictures broom stick back up my arse, forcing
a good 5" straight into me, I screamed in pain and he started to violently
fuck me, I watched every inch of wood disappear and reappeared out of my
arse until I could control myself no more"Oh goddddd I'm cominnnnng daddyyyyy",With that he grabbed my cock and pointing it directly above my mouth"Open wide son, let daddy watch you drink your own sperm, let me see you
eat your cum"That was enough for me and I opened my mouth stuck out my tongue just in
time to catch the first flood of hot young cum I had grown to love."Don't swallow yet son, I want to see it all over your face and filling
your mouth"I found little lolita incest pictures
it hard to not swallow but did my best, as my cock emptied its last
squirt, gramps pulled the broom out my arse, let me legs go down and
offered the shitty object to me"Here son, let me cover your fuck toy in juices then you can suck it off as
well"I couldn't talk but he knew I wanted itRubbing the shit stained handle over my cum covered face, he then dropped
it into my mouth and as I closed my lips to suck, the cum dribbled all out
of my mouth and I swallowed and sucked the cum and broom desperate not to
lose a single drop.I played with broom a bit longer, licking every inch that had been in my
arse clean, before lying back and smiling at himHe watched in amazement, I was clearly turning out to me a much better fuck
than he ever imagined, and I was enjoying myself a lot more than I ever
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